gentle brown sugar scrub
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Gentle Brown Sugar Scrub

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Pure sugar cane crystals gently exfoliate the skin leaving a supple dewy glow. We blend vitamin E, B, Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil, which repair and rejuvenate healthy new skin. Our Brown Sugar Scrub is an all-natural exfoliant for an unrivaled treatment that leaves skin feeling supremely soft even after its first use! We use only natural brown sugar crystals and a blend of natural oils that nourish the skin and deeply moisturize dry areas, resulting in a revitalizing experience.

Benefits of Use: 
Our scrub is full of glycolic, alpha-hydroxy acid, crucial for maintaining healthy, moisturized skin, while also protecting it from toxins. Cleansed of dead skin cells, the largest organ can circulate more efficiently, breathing in beneficial nourishment, leaving pores tighter and skin feeling soft to the touch. Brown sugar is known for its ability to effectively cleanse and prevent acne breakouts and aids with dandruff control.

People with highly sensitive and dandruff prone scalps find that a scrub prior to washing makes for healthier, happier hair. An added bonus is our Brown Sugar Scrub smells wonderful! With a deep and rich aroma you can completely relax and pamper yourself without stepping into a spa!

How to Apply: Our Brown Sugar Scrub can be used to create a nourishing spa setting right from your bath or shower! Simply scoop desired amount into your fingers and beginning at your feet, scrub slowly and work your way to your neck and scalp. Use circular motions going clockwise and counter clockwise to achieve complete exfoliation.

Once you are covered in the scrub, lie back and enjoy the light tingly sensation and therapeutic aroma. Rinse off gently with warm water. 
When this ritual is performed regularly, your entire body will be left feeling and looking healthier and exfoliated - both in appearance and function.