Our Mission

Sensible Remedies was started by a father-son duo that immigrated to America, bringing along with them their folk medicine alternatives from home. They put their chemistry degrees to work and set out to find the best quality essential oils in the world, offering them for affordable prices and using them to create unique and effective bath and body products. With the growing interest in oils and natural products, many companies on the market offer goods for steep prices - our goal was to enter the market providing quality without charging an arm and a leg. 

With the growing climate crisis and the mass production of foods and personal products, our mission is to replace the pharmacy brand items in your bathroom with sustainable organics. All of our bath, skincare and salves are handmade in small batches with the finest ingredients derived from nature, including our very own essential oils. We do not use any chemical fillers or synthetic fragrances. We believe that what we put on our bodies has just as great as an impact as what we put into it. 

Our essential oils are steam distilled or cold pressed directly from the finest flowers, leaves, bark, wood, and fruit without any adulteration or additives, as intended by nature. We make every effort to maintain the high quality and purity of our oils. Every batch we receive is tested through GC/MS spectra and must be approved before it can be bottled and offered to our customers. We personally visit every facility often to ensure our quality of standards are being met.

Our mission is to provide value and quality in products that empower you to lead healthier and more natural lives. By continuing to offer our customers the highest quality natural ingredients at the lowest possible prices, we are sure you will be satisfied with all of our products and your continued satisfaction and trust is what we strive for every day. We are also proud to be a part of various charities, raffles, neighborhood events, and organizations.