The Face Kit

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Everything you need in a skincare regimen in one package!


The Matcha Clay Mask 

Our matcha clay mask is made of organic matcha, seaweed and kaolin clay and is formulated to press the reset button on your skin and reveal a glowing, gorgeous complexion. This mask is for all skin types - including sensitive skin!


Every Day Serum 

Our every day serum was formulated to replace your moisturizer or to be used as a supplement above it. Packed with super-power ingredients that lock in moisture, rosehip, carrot seed and cucumber fight acne and various skin coditions as well as improving the skin's elasticity.


Intensive Hydrating Eye Salve

The skin around your eyes is incredibly delicate and needs a little extra care. This salve was formulated to give a boost of moisture to your undereye, battling dark circles and puffiness. Cooling cucumber revitalizes and gives an instant slept-for-8-hours look!

Pro-tip: Use this salve on any area of your body that needs extra moisture.