About Us

          Sensible Remedies takes great pride in providing pure and natural products by working directly with farmers and distributors around the world. 

          Our essential oils are steam distilled or cold pressed directly from the finest flowers, leaves, bark, wood, and fruit without any adulteration or additives, as intended by nature. We make every effort to maintain the high quality and purity of our oils. Every batch we receive is tested through GC/MS spectra and must be approved before it can be bottled and offered to our customers.

          We have direct buying relationship with our trusted farmers and distillers located all over the world. Each individual plant has different needs regarding climate, altitude, water, elevations, etc. and we make sure to go where the plants grow best to achieve the highest quality product. Our oils are also extracted immediately after harvest to ensure freshness. We personally visit every facility often to ensure our quality standards are being met.

          Our handmade bath and body products are all made from the finest ingredients including our very own essential oils. All of our ingredients are sourced directly from farmers and manufacturers to ensure quality and affordability. Further, we do not use any chemical fillers or synthetic fragrances to ensure that our customers can rest easy knowing that they’re using high quality, natural products.

          We also offer a modest selection of natural bath bombs, bath soaks, bath scrubs and soaps that are all aligned with our healthy natural lifestyle approach.  Our products are drawn from nature, artfully crafted to create products that are skin-compatible and environmentally friendly.

          Our mission is to provide value and quality in products that empower you to lead healthier and more natural lives. By continuing offering our customers the highest quality natural ingredients at the lowest possible prices, we are sure you will be satisfied with all of our products and your continued satisfaction and trust is what we strive for every day.

Community Support

We are proud to be a part of various charities, raffles, neighborhood events, and organizations.